The most exclusive secret

Viejas de Izan, century-old vineyards

Viejas de Izán hide century-old vineyards 900 meters above sea-level.

The lands of Ribera del Duero with their limestone and sandy mantle over the years and centuries have allowed and still allow the birth of a fruit, our exceptional tempranillo wine grape.

We cultivate our vineyards by our own means and staff. Hand by hand, they prune in Spring, contour the strain, clean with care in Summer and finally the same hands collect our bunches in Autumn.

Viejas de Izán that in honest reality wants to bring, from now on with our work your exclusive wine.

Ribera del Duero

2019. Cosecha excelente..95 points Peñin .

2020 Cosecha Excelente .

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