Gumiel de Izán

de Izán

Gumiel de Izán, the place.

Gumiel de Izán is a land of wines and century-old vines, whose castle sits 900 m above the sea.

The territory is likely to hide the largest area of old vines in the entire Ribera del Duero.

Maybe, when you open a wine from Viejas de Izán, and who knows if watching the television series 'El Cid' you knew that Per Abbat the transcriber of the Poem Mio Cid was born in the village. And if you are already have your glass of wine in your hand, its aroma evokes the legend of the Order of Calatrava in San Pedro de Gumiel and also the Dominicans, even those of 'The Name of the Rose' of the admired Eco, with roots in the Plaza Mayor of the town

If you come to see us, we will be waiting, we will together open a bottle after admiring the monumental complex of the Church and Gothic altarpiece of Santa Maria de La Asunción.


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