tu vino.

Following the Wine that you enjoyed from 2019, the excellent Ribera el Duero, you should now know that the 2020 Vintage will also be historic and exceptional.

Perhaps the Earth, aware of the difficult year of 2019, strove to give us a fruit of extraordinary quality. We collected it with care in our centenary majuelos and it is now resting like it deserves in Oaks (casks).

Anticipate in advance and we will reserve this exclusive wine for your enjoyment. Click on contacto and fill out the form indicating what you want to book from us in the next edition of your Viejas de Izan, 2020.

Amigos VDI

If you haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying our wine then we can recommend magnificent places where you can enjoy your favourite meal with a bottle of Viejas de Izán, where you can make a perfect pairing at the home of our friends, the friends of VDI.

Aranda de Duero: El Lagar, El Coto, El Pastor, Casa Florencio, El Cipres, Mesón OquillasBodega H DCarlos … Barcelona: Espinaler. Guadalajara: Salinas de Imon.

Germany:Gasthaus Zum Kreuz.Denmark:ToftVin

Madrid: Lua, Casa Salvador, Ponzano 12, El Pinar Mingorrubio, Caché Vinoteca, Barrera, Vinoteca Izán, Commodore , Pristino, Bicho Palo,Fismuler,Bocado Valdetorres,Materia prima ,Gastro Sibarit Aurea,Treze,Benares Madrid   ….

 Mallorca: Los Rafaeles, CN Portixol, Sa Roqueta, Schwaiger, La Bodeguilla,Assaona  ….Menorca: AnticRustic.Pontevedra: Casa Verdun

Murcia :La Bodeguilla de Javi Gracia

Santander :Hostería de Adarzo, Mesón El Gele ...

Soria: Mesón Castellano. Vigo: Xaco 

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